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          Brief Introduction

          Anhui Garments Import & Export Co., Ltd. continues to take on its unique path of be social responsibility. The company maintains an unwavering emphasis of its philosophy to every employees —— be responsible for all stakeholders, society and environment. While concentrating on striving in current economy,we never forget out social responsibility. We deeply understand that social responsibility is the cornerstone of our sustainable development and mission of value maximization, as well as indispensable to our existence and prosperity.

          Be responsible to all stakeholders

          We believe, without the support and cooperation of all stakeholders, we can not survive and prosper.

          1. Be responsible for our shareholders

          Keep asset increment and a steady shareholder return is our way to be responsible for our shareholders. We always keep our steady development as well as its no-stop refinement of our risk control and management system. Our faith in creating profits make us generate increment of asset continuously,its shareholder getting return to their satisfaction. By the end of 2014, our assets reached RMB 1.5billion Yuan, gain 2 billion revenue in total.

          2. Be responsible for our employees

          We believe that be responsible to employees, means to provide a nice working environment with reasonable wage and sufficient initiative for all employees to enable their career advancement and maximize their potential. Our people oriented culture, honor strong work ethic and team work spirit, encourage healthy competition and constant leaning, cultivate creativity. In 2014, Anhui Garments invested RMB 2,500,000 Yuan on training for our 240 employees.

          3. Be responsible for our clients and suppliers

          We see credibility, quality and customer satisfaction as the foundation of our entire operation. We committed to ensure our clients benefit, be broadly in line with the moral ethical and norms of society, and embrace the rule of law, serve our customers with honesty and loyalty. We aim for clients full expectation,using clients' elevating requirement as our motivation.  In past several years, our customer satisfaction rates remain over 98%.

          We deem, every elements on our supply chain are bounded to each other .We never forget our supplier, while making profits. In this spirit, we build our relationship with our key suppliers not only base on simply trading level, we cultivate a coexisting relation on strategical level,endeavor to create a win-win situation. Meanwhile, we systematically educate our supplier for social responsibility awareness. Not only our wholly-owned factories but also all of our strategical cooperate factories are certificated BSCI and WRAP.

          Be responsible to society and the environment

          1. Become eco-friendly

          Saving energy and protecting the environment is a common responsibility of mankind, also an undeniable responsibility for corporate. We self-consciously fulfill our social responsibility in this area while creating wealth. We realize,although we are not a manufacturing company,saving energy and other resource means minimizing carbon footprint and saving the environment.

          We takes it as a mission,also put it in action. In 2009,we invests RMB1000,000yuan on building ERP and internal wireless faxing system,reduced total paper use by 40%. In 2012, we cut office building yearly electricity use by 60% trough a series of reform of the building's powering system,including using energy efficiency lighttube instead of normal ones. It has set the office building air conditioning system above 26, also into energy saving mold, so it will shut-down automatically when room temperature reach the setting, reduced 15% energy use per year than before. Moreover, all of its' exported products are tested without hazardous substances.

          2. Serving the community

          In recent years, we keep serving the community while turning high profit. It will continue to provide domestic poverty relief found, also make regular donation to local welfare facility. It also has been actively offer its' helping hand by supporting victims of disaster through goods and financial donations when natural disaster happen. In 2008, Anhui Garmenrts donated both cash and good valuated RMB900, 000yuan, to assist those in need of earth quaked area in Wenchuan.